What is Sanavé


This music and specially created language touching on a very special way.
This distinctive sound with his new, yet familiar feel poetry reaches people in their dreams, desires, hopes and longings. Don’t try to decode the language of the angels - as you have already unlocked the meaning.
The key to Sanavé´s world - is YOUR FANTASY !

THE MUSIC of SANAVÉ was written and composed by German native Chantal Hartmann, Jevaleo,
Oliver Ganz and Frank Moesner.
The series contains three volumes – IN TOUCH WITH ANGELS - IN LOVE WITH ANGELS - SECRET OF ANGELS. Each volume was recorded to connect people with their heart,
catering to all nations by not being bound to any particular language or culture.
Let yourself be INSPIRED.
The complete music series is available at iTunes, amazon and spotify.
Each containing a fantastic result of amazing sounds for the ultimate sensual and touching experience !
SANAVÉ is the perfect gift for people they love MYSTIC MUSIC,
or a gift for your personal enjoyment !


"Fantastic music, loving compositions and heavenly voices. The Arrangements are very versatile but still with a unique and combining character. This exeptional CD simply is not made to use as a background music. Put on your Headphones and enjoy one hour of pure music that guides you to another world.”
Frank H. / Hofheim Taunus


“Absolute amazing! I like how lyrical and expressive you move with the music. The visuals and production was impressive.”
Greg, L.A. / USA


“Marvelous music, very emotional, mystical with incredible voices. This CD sounds saintly and heavenly !!”
Klaus S. / Mönchengladbach


"A fantastic album with charismatic voices and wonderful music. I listen to it every day !!!"
Vanessa C. / Frankfurt am Main



Get these amazing songs for the ultimate sensual and touching experience !


1 Kirianama
2 Tua Jendala
3 Inturiamo
4 Yanda Laa
5 Luvadee
6 Seréa
7 Urianama
8 Anamale Mani Manua
9 Valé Agama
10 Inuri Kanoo
11 Lanuh
12 Ella Leij


1 Vamana
2 Deja Morinor
3 A Ti Korita Vu
4 Kadus Samana
5 Januturea Lanee
6 Insamia Korimo
7 Katasuma Vale
8 Chantera Vera
9 Larimar
10 Shun Dara Kora
11 Mu Antera
12 Tia Lako Laneij


1 Eriana Ameij
2 Akkara
3 Derijee
4 Amusa Nu
5 Okomo Re
6 Veo Veo
7 Vituru Vana
8 Alantaru
9 Amira Nusamee
10 Larah
11 Suameij
12 Sere Atama
13 Turalao A Marama
14 Africa
15 Okomo Re_Lost In Dreams


Chantal Hartmann

Chantal Hartmann is a producer, composer, arranger, singer, songwriter and performer. Chantal was born and raised in the Black Forest of Southern Germany. Here she attended the Music Academy from the young age of five focusing on voice, piano and violin. Her father was a conductor and singer in several choirs, thus developed her love of singing and arranging from a very young age.
Chantal has been featured on several albums, television shows and commercials throughout Europe, and contributes both musically and artistically as a composer and arranger for various artists.
She is composer and the heavenly voice behind Sanavé, created the specially language and gives the project a face and its unique and irresistible character. In recent years, Chantal has sung, amongst other productions, on huge film productions like “Julius Caesar” (the soundtrack to this German film made by national German TV channel ARD was released by Warner Music) and the successful musical concept “Cantara“ (German Album Sales Charts released through BMG Classics), lending them an unmistakable atmosphere with her unique vocals.

For more Information on Chantal Hartmann visit  VOCALDESIGN


The initiator of Sanavé, Jevaleo, proved some time ago that he had a connection with supernatural and heavening beings by writing music for airlines! The airline passengers loved these compositions which gave them, together with their journey, a feeling of freedom and of being able to let go.

Frank Moesner

Frank Moesner, composer, knows how to combine spheric sounds with powerful rhythmical dynamics, resulting in distinctive accord. Moesner's forte is his melodic handling of classical musical styles in combination with innovative sound sculptures. Countless event organizers and listeners have booked and enjoyed his work. His creative portfolio contains classical and vanguard symphonies that he specifically composed for large corporate events, as well as theme songs and sound tracks for leading TV networks and cine films. Moesner's compositions and arrangements for the Crystal Baschet, the instrumental incarnation of the sound of angels - whose ancestor, the glass harmonica, already heavenly inspired Mozart - especially gained him international recognition. This melodious and compositional diversity enriches also the music of Sanavé

Oliver Ganz

The beginnings of the musician began in the early 1980s, when he devoted himself for the first time to synthesizers beeing inspired by Jean Michel Jarre, Tomita or Tangerine Dream. With releasing his first Albums Oliver very fast became a great name in the field of Electronic music. Especially his approach in scoring etaphysical themes were highly appreciated by the audience and found a great place in some songs of Sanavé.

Frank Motnik

Frank Motnik, sound designer and multi media producer, combines the music and sound of Sanavé to an impressive audio experience. His creative input complements the project, resulting in its extraordinary style. Motnik's influences and collaborations with numerous internationally renown composers and artists, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto (Academy Award winning composer for „The Last Emperor") or Kim Bullard (Phil Collins / Walt Disney) and his participation on awarded productions (e.g. Tribeca Film Festival / New York, National Geographic Broadcast) are clearly noticeable. Being credited in over 800 productions of contemporary music and movie soundtracks, Motnik's contribution elevates the music of Sanavé to an international level.

It was really, therefore, only a question of time before these characters found themselves working together on a successful co-op.

For more Information on Frank Motnik visit FMO AudioVision



“With the flood of information and stimuli that surrounds us, we increasingly lose touch with our inner voice.

That’s why I created a language that neither distracts nor narrates a story, but instead encourages you, the listener, to discover your natural slumbering power through imagination and emotion.

All over the world !“